Ibiza has long been a haven for those who have a talent for healing, the island seems to have some kind of magnetic pull which attracts dozens and dozens of therapists practicing reiki, massage, yoga, aromatherapy and so much more.

However, in the last two years, the Ibizan community has been benefiting from a new healing process, courtesy of Gemma Espejo Degraph, founder and owner of Nuphoria Ibiza. Having been suffering for several weeks with intense back pain, and having heard nothing but excellent feedback about Gemma’s treatment I decided to check out her work for myself.

Arriving at her treatment centre, located within a beautiful private house just outside of Santa in the glorious Ibizan countryside, I felt immediately relaxed and at ease. Gemma’s natural empathy and obvious passion for what she does is immediately apparent, and I was truly fascinated to learn more about her incredibly unique tactics.  Breaking boundaries with a unique technique which combines the ancient knowledge of healing pure essential oils with cutting edge technology, the results really do speak for themselves, but let me explain a little more about how this works exactly.

We started with the Biowell reading, which you use by placing your fingers inside a small box, which has the ability what is going on within the body, mentally and physically. You may well wonder how on earth this is possible, I certainly did! Gemma explains that the Bio-well box harnesses the intensely powerful technology of gas discharge visualization, and uses this incredible technique to give an in-depth report of the state of a person’s energy field.

When your scan is taken by the Bio-well machine, you simply place your fingers inside the box, which are then transferred to powerful imaging technology, which captures the photon emissions given off by each finger. Sounds strange? Yes it does, but when you receive your own personal results, you cannot help but be amazed, as the images taken from your reading are then mapped to show where you may be experiencing blockages in your different systems of the body, individual body organs,  and importantly the alignment of your chakras, tapping into Chinese energy meridians which have been used for centuries to heal, and rebalance.

Gemma then talks you through the results, and explains in fine detail how you can use the readings to make small changes in your everyday life to realign and rebalance yourself.

Next, we move onto the second part of the treatment. First, more technology, in the form of a scenar. What is a scenar I hear you ask! In fact, it’s an incredible hand held device, which Gemma uses to run over your body, The scenar is placed directly on your skin and as it moves over you, you feel an unusual yet pleasant tingling sensation. As the scenar moves smoothly over your skin it collects information relating to the tissues and organs. 

By feeling the ‘sticky’ parts of your body which is indicated by the device making more of a tingling sensation in certain area, Gemma is able to detect precisely where blockage is detected the device becomes sticky and a brushing method is then used to smooth the stickiness out. 

By asking the right questions about my back pain, and from the Bio-well readings, Gemma is then able to create a bespoke blend of essential oils to soothe, heal and relax the body. She uses this to give an incredible 60 minute massage, really getting into the spots where the pain is, using a blend of Swedish and metametric massage she works her magic with her hands and the results are incredible.

The final part of the treatment is something I had never heard of before, a healing blanket which contains reflective metallic material similar that has been tested extensively by the Russian Space Programme believe it or not!  The material from which it is made it similar to that used in the lining of their astronaut suits and is created to provide protection against potentially harmful electromagnetic fields. The Healing Blanket works as an energy mirror, reflecting the body’s natural radiation back and showing its ‘energetic portrait’. Whilst you are inside the blanket, which I have to say is an incredibly relaxing experience in itself, Gemma explains that your body corrects these imbalances and restores the harmony and beauty of its natural energy flow, gradually improving the state of health and helping you to regain your own natural healing powers.

Whilst in the healing blanket Gemma asks you to hold Shungite harmonizers, these amazing rods are proven to be the best tool for meditation and spiritual healing. They have an ability to bring calm and peace to your body, relieve anxiety and stress, and help tackle the depression, these, combined with the scent of the blend of oils and the carefully chosen music gives an intense sense of complete peace, something which is often hard to find in Ibiza with our constantly busy lives.

So, whether you are suffering from pain, anxiety, arthritis, joint pain, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, or stress, to name but a few, I can personally recommend a visit to Gemma for the NuPhoria experience, and guarantee you will leave feeling revived and relaxed. Gemma’s personal touch goes a long way to ensuring you receive a truly bespoke treatment which is quite unlike anything else you will find here in Ibiza.

To see more information and the full range of amazing treatments available, visit the website https://www.nuphoriaibiza.com/ and follow the Facebook page for special offers and discounts for Ibiza residents. https://www.facebook.com/nuphoriaibiza/