Boat Charter Ibiza – Luxury Yacht Rental in Ibiza

One of the most enjoyable things to do in Ibiza is to spend the day cruising the beautiful coastline, discovering hidden Ibiza beaches and even taking a trip to the sister island of Formentera,. We can think of no better way to spend an Ibiza day than sailing on an elegant yacht, or speeding through the seas on a super fast speedboat with friends and family, stopping for swims, lunches and of course a cocktail or two!

Ibiza Unlocked work with several of the very best boat charter companies on the island to ensure that we can always find the perfect boat for your needs, even at short notice.

If you’ve ever been to Ibiza before the chances are you have stayed in accommodation there. But there are other options apart from hotels and apartments.
Some people are discovering the benefits of renting a boat for a few days or more, giving them a totally new view of Ibiza to the ones they’ve had before.

Most people will be attracted by the opportunity to stay on a boat that is purely theirs for the time they are on it. Just imagine being able to go out into the middle of nowhere, so you can enjoy some real peace and quiet just bobbing around in the sea and soaking up some of the sun’s rays. You don’t have to think about finding a spot on a crowded beach because you have an opportunity to relax on the boat of your choice. What could be better or more tempting than that?

You can also opt for just one day of cruising while you are on holiday. This can make a nice change to being around the beach and your normal accommodation while you are in Ibiza.
Remember your camera when you do take a trip – you might even spot some nice locations from the sea that you can explore when you are back on dry land again.

Our Boats offer you the choice to decide whether to book a boating holiday or just a day out. If you want to stay in accommodation you can book it accordingly and then see what kinds of day trips are available once you get out to Ibiza.

The opportunity to get out on a boat is definitely worth looking into because it gives you a totally different experience to enjoy.

No matter what kind of Ibiza holiday you are looking for there’s no doubt that a boating trip – whether it’s for a day or longer – can give you more memorable ways to enjoy your break.


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