Ibiza Culture

Ibiza enjoys a rich and varied past, dating back to as early as the 7th century BC, with the arrival of the Phoenicians who began to build settlements on this uninhabited island and created Ibosim, what we all now know and love as Ibiza Town.

The island´s prime location in the middle of the Mediterranean made it a desirable trading post, and also a prime target for invasions, of which the island suffered many, with the Phoenicians being taken by the Carthaginians, who in turn were conquered by the Romans in the 1st century AD.

Many more conquests followed, and the island was in turn ruled by the Vandals, Byzantines and most successfully, the Moors, who created the majestic Dalt Vila.

Always a magnet for pirates who came here to raid and store their stolen treasures, this history is evident in the many pirate lookout towers which remain on the island today, and the smuggler’s caves in San Miguel.

In more recent times, the island became a haven for the artistic community, Ibiza has long been a place where artists, musician and writers have been drawn to, to enjoy the carefree, anything goes attitude of the island and her inhabitants.

Now, of course, Ibiza is an international melting pot and attracts visitors from all over the globe who come to enjoy the decadent Ibiza nightlife, idyllic Ibiza beaches, and inimitable vibe that the island offers. We can´t quite put our finger on what exactly attracts people to Ibiza and entrances them, but one thing is for sure, the island has a magical aura like nowhere else on the globe.

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