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In July of 2017, Ibiza unlocked were offered a truly once in a lifetime opportunity to to assist in the production of “Ibiza – The Silent Movie”. This unique documentary film is being directed by the renowned filmmaker Julien Temple. This film promises to deliver a visual timeline of historical events here in Ibiza, dating back to the ancient days when the Phoenicians ruled the island, followed by all the other cultures who came, saw and conquered this island, so steeped in myth, magica and a rich and diverse history all the way up to the present day, with a musical soundscape curated by the legendary Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim.

This is a movie which promises to change the way you look at Ibiza forever, expertly combining the legends which surround Ibiza with historical facts, and or course a glimpse into the Ibiza nightclub scene which we have all come to know and love so well. Something for every generation to not just enjoy, buit learn from, showcasing Ibiza as so much more than simply a party island.
An Essential Arts Entertainment, Whizz Kid Entertainment and Nitrate Film production, Ibiza – The Silent Movie is developed from an original idea by Whizz Kid Entertainment’s CEO Malcolm Gerrie and reunites Temple with Essential Arts Entertainment Richard Conway and Andrew Curtis who are producing the film. Gerrie and the BBC’s Jan Younghusband are executive producers, and the BBC has UK TV rights.
The film is due to be released in Spring 2019, and at Ibiza unlocked we are very proud to have had the chance to be involved in this most fascinating project.

Film production in Ibiza can be something of a challenge, as there are of course many rules and regulations to be adhered to in order to respect the natural beauty of the island and the privacy of her inhabitants. For this film, Ibiza unlocked used our ‘little black book’ of contacts to enable to producers to discover the very best locations, some of which were extremely remote, and we also assisted with scouting, permits, arranged archived footage and personally the assisted the Director as 2nd AD on the last shoot.
It was a pleasure and a honour to share our local knowledge and contacts on this beautiful island to enable this informative and engaging film to be brought to reality.

Since we began to expand our horizons to the production scene, we have also provided assistance on a Kickstarter for an Italian sandal designer with a well known British Director.
All production services covered on Ibiza & Formentera, including location scouting, permits, accommodation (we have access to over 200 luxury villas in Ibiza), props, equipment, transport, catering and much more, at Ibiza unlocked, nothing is impossible!

We look forward to working on more production projects, Ibiza is quite simply the perfect place to shoot commercials, promos, music videos, or create a backdrop for your own creative dream, and with our unrivalled knowledge of the island we can make sure that your production runs smoothly, seamlessly and successfully!

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